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Russian invasion of Ukraine

New York ( —

Bipartisan US congressmen plan to propose a resolution that would require the US government to pursue Ukraine’s restoration to its 1991 borders and its inclusion into NATO.
According to The New York Times, Ukrainian military sources have revealed that the country is preparing to launch a counteroffensive as early as next month. Although the details of the operation have not been shared with the US, it is believed that the offensive will focus on the southern region of Ukraine, specifically the coastline on the Sea of Azov near Crimea, which was annexed by Russia. The Ukrainian Armed Forces are said to have 12 combat brigades, each consisting of approximately 4,000 fighters, ready for the attack by the end of April, nine of which will be trained and armed by NATO. The US has provided significant ammunition support for the operation, with allies concerned about potential shortages in Washington two months ago. Despite Vladimir Putin’s press secretary, Dmitry Peskov’s attempts to deny any health concerns and refute claims of Putin’s bunker visits, sources reveal that Putin is being treated in a bunker-style room within one of his residences due to a lack of effective treatment and withdrawal of certain medications. Read more here.


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