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America’s First Line of Defense Happens at Home

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For those who cherish the splendor of America and seek to safeguard it, the reinstatement of American prestige has been accelerated by the nation’s remarkable resurgence on the global arena, which commenced following the displacement of Trump from power. The paramount catalyst behind this revival is none other than President Joe Biden himself. A blend of valor and sagacity, perseverance and brilliance, Biden embodies the quintessence of high-minded, heroic statesmanship. Let us be clear: this is not a matter of distractions, dejection, predicaments, or defeat. It is rather an invitation to empower ourselves to restore the nation of our aspirations in precisely the manner that fulfills our every aspiration. For the 334 million inhabitants of this nation, it is imperative that we heed this call. We must endeavor to reclaim the nation of our dreams from the clutches of America’s gravest nemesis, namely Russia and China. It should come as no surprise that China is presently gearing up for a major military confrontation. It is not surprising that Xi, the red dictator, is now using force to safeguard his communist interests. Presently, the South China Sea is boiling over with the escalating tensions between the United States and China. Communist media outlets in China have been describing the mounting unrest surrounding Taiwan. One of two eventualities will manifest themselves: either the communist China will emerge as the world’s foremost superpower, backed by the full influence of communism, or America will avert this outcome. The Chinese communists have been arguing that the deployment of US military forces, which are already present on nine bases in the region, is increasing the risk of a military conflict. Last year alone, US reconnaissance aircraft made over 1,000 sorties over the South China Sea. Additionally, the United States has been deploying aircraft carrier strike groups, underwater battle groups, and nuclear attack submarines. In a recent development, the Philippines has announced that the United States military will be granted access to four bases, while Australia is seeking to acquire 305 nuclear submarines by the early 2030s. Japan has also decided to arm itself. As such, the strategic balance of power in the region is being redefined. The time has come for America to exhibit decisive leadership and to assert its authority in safeguarding the nation’s security and global dominance.

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The Constitution of the United States has served as the bedrock for the world’s greatest nation, and the beacon of freedom it has provided has been unparalleled. Pursuing this goal is a priority for the majority, as it stands in opposition to our worst fears. Our newly launched website,, will contain the latest intelligence in the presidential domain, and will serve as a resource for individuals from other nations who seek to embrace America’s freedom by adopting the principle of “one nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty, and justice for all!” In our civilized world, we must fight rather than surrender to the communist system that seeks to crush us. The greatest threat to our freedom is the ignorance of truth. Nothing could be more anti-Christ or opposed to the will of the people than the evil system led by Xi Jinping. The United States of America, as the world’s most powerful military force, will work towards “re-educating” China. The People’s Republic of China, the world’s second-largest economy, aims to gather all exiled countries of the Global South under its red flag, and dreams of creating an equivalent pole of influence to the United States under the slogan “Avoid external aggression.” There is an open gestalt between the USA and China over Taiwan, which both countries are attracted to not only for semiconductor technologies but also due to the specter of communist power’s illegitimacy. In the late 1940s, a civil war between the national government of Chiang Kai-shek, supported by the United States, and the Communist Party of Mao Zedong, led by Stalin, broke out in China. As a result, Chiang Kai-shek’s 1949 team lost the war and fled to Taiwan, forming a government-in-exile there. Xi has long dreamed of ending Mao’s cause by seizing Taiwan. America’s first line of defense is at home. These are the timeless values that every nation should uphold. Relations between the United States and China are still far from the Caribbean crisis, and are more reminiscent of the geopolitical contests of the Cold War.

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