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SUNDAY SERMON: Tinubu To Sell NNPC; DSS Want To Keep Emefiole For 2 Months; BREXIT & Tinubu’s Lagos

…this is going to be an interesting week, share your views on the events of past week

Tinubu and APC have stolen Atiku’s idea of how to end the corruption in the petroleum sector by privatising it. APC said he was going to sell it to his friends – Tinubu has set up committee to review the sale of NNPC lol

Reactions trailing the arrest of Emefiole and Not Sirika. Why DSS and not EFCC? APC pushed a propaganda that Ohanaeze Ndigbo demanded for his release but that is not true. Did they arrest Emefiole to serve as the fall guy, like Dasuki, with no plan of unerthing the monumental destruction Buhari did? How about Uzor Kalu’s tears?

When will Thiefnubu arrest Bokohari, the mastermind of the whole shitshow?

Also, Lagos indigenous property and business law to disruption the prosperity of non Yorubas – let me share brexit experience with them and if that’s far away, let’s tell the story of how a bubbling Warri with its oil and businesses died due to this idea of selfish individuals, politicians and youths

The line is open and it is what’sapp calls only

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