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Hey guys I’m back from the dead lol. Over my time of being gone from YouTube I went on a trip to Washington DC and New York. I decided to flag it because I thought it would be fun and of course the outcome was a video. I’m going to be gone for another 10 days because I’m going to scout camp but after that that’s when I’ll start uploading a lot more because I’m going to Melanie Martinez concert so there’s going to be a lot of content surrounding that so stay tuned and then after that for the rest of the summer I’ll be uploading different videos. See you soon!



-how old are you? i am 14!!
-what is your zodiac sign? scorpio
-who is your favorite singer? melanie martinez :))
-what camera do you use? i use my canon g7x!
-what do you use to edit? final cut pro!
-what is your uploading schedule? i try to post as much as i can

thanks again for watching bye :)))))))

The Pulse of Washington D.C.

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