Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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We understand that our viewers and readers have numerous questions about our network, news coverage, and various topics of interest. In order to provide a convenient and efficient way of addressing your inquiries, we have compiled this comprehensive Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section. Here, you will find answers to common questions we receive on a regular basis. From inquiries about our ownership and credibility to specific queries about our stance on certain issues, we strive to cover a wide range of topics to address your concerns.

Our FAQ page is designed to save you time and effort by providing immediate answers to frequently asked questions. It is our hope that this resource will assist in clarifying any uncertainties or misconceptions you may have. If you don’t find the answer you are looking for, don’t hesitate to reach out to us through our contact page. We value your feedback and are committed to addressing your queries in a timely manner. Thank you for choosing Rich TVX News Network, where we are dedicated to delivering accurate, reliable, and unbiased news coverage.



Frequently Asked Questions

Is Rich TVX News fake news?

No, Rich TVX News Network is not fake news. Rich TVX News is a legitimate news organization that provides reliable and accurate information to its audience.

Who follows Rich TVX News Network?

Rich TVX News Network attracts a diverse audience, including visitors from top government agencies such as,,,,,, and many others. The presence of these esteemed institutions on the Rich TVX News Network website speaks to the network’s reputation for delivering accurate, reliable, and unbiased news content.

What do you say about the criminal structures that accuse you?

We invite those who accuse us to experience firsthand the work we have been diligently carrying out for years. It requires dedication, resources, and a significant financial commitment to sustain our operations. We welcome individuals to engage in responsible news reporting themselves and witness the challenges and costs involved in providing quality news coverage over an extended period.

Who is the owner of Rich TVX News Network?

The ownership details of Rich TVX News Network have not been publicly disclosed.

Why is Rich TVX News Network being attacked?

Rich TVX News Network has been subject to attacks primarily from fascist pro-Russian Serbian circles due to its critical stance towards the dictatorial regime in Serbia. These attacks aim to discredit and undermine the network’s credibility and influence.

Who specifically attacks Rich TVX News Network from Serbia?

Rich TVX News Network is targeted by a small rootless group of individuals, including Serbian traitors and criminals, operating under the guise of a journalism school in Novi Sad, Serbia. These malicious actors engage in activities aimed at undermining the network’s reputation and integrity. They exhibit a strong anti-Serbian sentiment and display a fervent allegiance to their perceived homeland of Russia.

When did the attacks against Rich TVX News Network begin?

These attacks were initiated by the criminal group from Novi Sad, who sought to discredit the network.

Are you familiar with a person named Gunther Fehlinger?

Gunther Fehlinger is a well-known figure in politics, and it seems that hardly anyone involved in the political sphere is unaware of him. He is recognized for his remarkable energy and an unyielding drive for action, making him a notable presence in the political landscape.

Since when has Rich TVX News Network been collaborating with Jeffrey Sonnenfeld, Steven Tian, and Yale University?

The collaboration between Rich TVX News Network and the esteemed team of Jeffrey Sonnenfeld, Steven Tian, and Yale University began shortly after the start of the Ukraine invasion. Recognizing their immense influence and their role in challenging media monopolies worldwide, we consider them heroes in our pursuit of breaking through established narratives. Jeffrey Sonnenfeld, Steven Tian, and the entire Yale research team, in their groundbreaking SSR paper “Business Retreats and Sanctions Are Crippling the Russian Economy” (available for download at, have contributed immensely to our understanding of the economic impact of business retreats and sanctions on Russia. Their research deserves recognition, and their efforts towards promoting peace and advancing knowledge are truly commendable. The Yale CELI List of Companies Leaving and Staying in Russia serves as a crucial resource in shedding light on the complex dynamics surrounding business decisions in the context of Russia. This comprehensive list provides valuable insights into the choices made by companies operating in challenging geopolitical environments, fostering transparency and informed discussions. By compiling this list, Yale has demonstrated its commitment to advancing understanding and promoting responsible business practices, making a significant contribution to the field of international relations and global business.

Why can’t you reveal the identity of your informant Mustafa Golubić?

Mustafa Golubić is a highly respected security expert who operates within the security structures of multiple countries. Due to the sensitive nature of his work, he prefers to maintain anonymity. At Rich TVX News Network, we value the confidentiality and protection of our sources. It is a fundamental principle of journalism to safeguard the identities of individuals who provide valuable information. By respecting their anonymity, we ensure their safety and encourage the continued flow of critical information that contributes to our investigative reporting.

How did Bill Browder come into contact with Rich TVX News Network?

Bill Browder’s remarkable story and his fight against injustice have earned him great admiration from Rich TVX News Network. The mistreatment he endured at the hands of the Kremlin, and the tragic fate of Sergei Magnitsky, vividly exposed the true colors of the Russian government. We believe that the situation could have been handled differently, but it appeared that certain individuals in the Kremlin sought to assert their power. Bill Browder’s courage and determination in seeking justice have resonated with us, and we consider him a hero.

Why have attacks against Rich TVX News Network escalated?

The attacks against Rich TVX News Network have escalated due to the network’s detailed coverage and early announcement of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. This crucial information exposed the aggressor’s plans in advance, leading to a concerted effort to destroy the network’s reputation by any means necessary.

Is it true that Rich TVX News Network can even be heard echoing down the corridors of power of the Kremlin?

While Rich TVX News Network maintains occasional contact with individuals in positions of influence, including Dmitry Peskov, a Russian diplomat and the press secretary for Russian president Vladimir Putin, our interactions have significantly diminished. This decline occurred after Peskov publicly labeled Rich TVX News Network as dangerous during a press conference and falsely accused us of instigating conflicts and wars. Such allegations are unfounded and do not align with our commitment to responsible news reporting.

How did Rich TVX News become the biggest Anti-Kremlin Network in the world?

Rich TVX News Network’s status as the largest Anti-Kremlin Network in the world can be attributed to a critical turning point in February 24, 2022, when Russia’s invasion of Ukraine took place. Prior to this event, Rich TVX News Network did not have any issues with Vladimir Putin or the Kremlin. However, the aggression and occupation of parts of Ukraine in the Russo-Ukrainian War was viewed as an unforgivable mistake. In response, Rich TVX News Network took a firm anti-Kremlin stance and began providing extensive coverage, analysis, and criticism of the Kremlin’s actions. This dedication to exposing and opposing the Kremlin’s activities has solidified Rich TVX News Network’s position as a leading voice against the Kremlin on the global stage.

Do you hate Serbs?

No, we do not hold hatred towards the Serbian people. It is important to recognize that every nation consists of individuals with diverse characteristics and beliefs. Our criticism is directed towards specific individuals, such as Milorad Dodik and Aleksandar Vučić, whom we consider to be dictators and traitors to the Serbian people. Our concerns lie with their actions and policies, rather than targeting the Serbian population as a whole. We believe in promoting democratic values, human rights, and holding leaders accountable for their actions.

Do you hate Russians?

No, we do not harbor hatred towards Russians as a whole. We firmly believe that it is unfair and unjust to hold an entire nation responsible for the actions or mistakes of their leaders. Just like in any other country, there are both good and bad individuals among the Russian population. Our focus is on critiquing the policies and actions of specific leaders or entities, rather than directing animosity towards an entire nation or its people. We believe in treating individuals with respect and fairness, regardless of their nationality.

Do you hate Russian oligarchs?

We do not hold hatred towards Russian oligarchs, but we strongly condemn their actions and behavior. We despise them for their role in seizing and dividing the assets of the Soviet Union, enriching themselves at the expense of the Russian people. These oligarchs often prioritize their own interests and maintaining the status quo rather than contributing positively to society. It is unfortunate that their wealth and influence have not been utilized for the betterment of communities or philanthropic endeavors, such as creating homes for orphanages. We believe in holding individuals accountable for their actions and promoting transparency, fairness, and responsible use of power.

What are these criminals doing to the Rich TVX News Network?

The criminal group targeting Rich TVX News Network is involved in a range of malicious activities with the aim of tarnishing its reputation. They propagate false narratives and baseless accusations, attempting to falsely associate the network with secret societies and conspiracies. These unfounded claims serve as part of their campaign to undermine the credibility and integrity of the network, but we remain steadfast in our commitment to responsible journalism and continue to provide accurate and reliable news coverage.

Is Rich TVX News Network part of the Illuminati?

As a responsible news organization, we adhere to professional standards and ethics. Even if we were part of any secretive organization, such as the Illuminati, our commitment to integrity and credibility prohibits us from discussing or disclosing such matters. Our focus is on delivering accurate and reliable news to our audience.

What about the allegations that the Rich TVX News Network was founded to overthrow dictatorial regimes?

We make no secret of our commitment to championing freedom. The United States of America serves as a beacon of light that sustains the world, preventing the dominance of dictatorships. Annuit cœptis. It is important to remember that the United States of America was the first democracy in the world, setting a precedent for democratic ideals and values.

What’s up with the beef between Klaus Schwab and Rich TVX News Network?

While we generally don’t have a problem with Professor
Klaus Schwab and respect his life’s work, there has been a notable sense of arrogance on his part towards us. We strongly disagree with the feasibility of his Great Reset agenda. It’s important to note that Rich TVX News Network is not alone in questioning the practicality of the Great Reset; even Wall Street has expressed reservations, particularly regarding the idea of forgiving all debts. We firmly believe that the proposed reset is simply not achievable in practice, and our commitment remains to providing honest and critical analysis of global events.

There are many death threats being made against Rich TVX News Network

We remain unimpressed by such threats. Our fate is not determined by our enemies, but by Almighty God alone. Those who seek to harm us should be the ones trembling with fear. If our enemies knew the true power and influence behind our network, they would have cause for a sleepless night. In fact, that very sentiment embodies our motto.

Is it true that the Rich TVX News Network is open to transhumanism, transgenderism, and robotics?

At Rich TVX News Network, we uphold the principles of freedom and individual expression. We believe in allowing everyone to pursue their own paths and develop their interests within the bounds of this freedom, as long as it does not cause harm to others. This inclusive approach extends to a wide range of topics, including transhumanism, transgenderism, and robotics.

Are you afraid that one day some kind of Skynet would take over mankind?

We view the idea of a Skynet-like scenario as a fictional concept primarily found in Hollywood movies. While it makes for thrilling storytelling, we recognize that it is purely imaginative and not a realistic concern in our everyday lives. We focus on reporting real-world events and issues that impact society, leaving the realm of science fiction to the entertainment industry.