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Serbia’s Color Revolution

Prepare for the Grandeur of Dissent: Belgrade, the capital of Serbia, shall bear witness to a profound display of collective disapproval as the populace unites in vast numbers to voice their grievances against the Serbian government. At the center of this political turmoil stands Aleksandar Vučić, the formidable dictator with a taste for power and an insatiable appetite for control. Interestingly, Vučić claims that undisclosed sources within the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) have imparted intelligence signaling the imminent arrival of a fresh “color revolution.” Oh, the peculiar belief that has enraptured Aleksandar Vučić! Within this self-constructed labyrinth, he finds himself captivated by an extraordinary notion. What could it be, you may ask? Read more here.

Klaus Schwab


The Pulse of Washington D.C.

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