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ANOTHER WAHALA: “PDP Poinsoned Me In 2018, Doctors Said My Kidney, Liver Are Gone” Wike Reveals

…”we call him naked wire in G-5″ Makinde

Werey Wike of Rivers has dropped a bombshell that could mean many things if true. Wike said he was poisoned at PDP secretariat and Doctors told him his organs were dying. Wike’s recent pictures have raised alarm over his state of health, towards the end of his term as Governor. was he poisoned when many were saying he was alcoholic? Lets review this

Makinde took a jibe at Atiku too at the same occasion when he reacted when Atiku called Wike to beg him and Wike said Thunder fire him. They call him Mr naked wire as the leader of their infamous G-5. As it stands, their G-5 made a good deal wi9th Tinubu as all their wishes are likely to be met. Including power sharing and immunity promised Wike.

The question is: who poisoned Wike at PDP secretariat in 2018?

Tinubu is off to France – Buhari is in Niger Republic – who else is on the run?

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