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By 2028, ABC will make a “important transition to digital transmission by reducing the resources deposited toradio stations programs broadcasting TV channels, instead increasing Podcasts optional programs. The public broadcaster’s five -year plan, released on Friday, is insufficient to follow leadership of the BBC’s traditional television and radio broadcasts in closure plan, first digital. “As most of our audiences go to digital platforms, we will combine some publication services and restore them again.” ABC will direct its resources to develop and promote their use from traditional publishing and digital platforms . ABC has been forced to manage digital transition in a fixed financing and despite a large number of coalition budget cuts for more than 10 years. General Manager David Anderson said that number of live radio programs will be reduced in the next few years because it has changed technology media “. abcnews MD David Anderson announced our 5 -year plan up to 2028. The short version is digital, digital, digital!Wait a more “integrated digital operation” with the participation of most masses through digital products. Does this mean that traditional radio and television are threatened?yeffnıytwy – nabil al -nashar |نبيل النشار 9 June 2023 ABC has 60 local radio stations, well as national networks such News Radio, Radio National, Triple J, Classic and Radio Australia. In an interview, when asked whether radio is “threatened”, Anderson told ABC Radio Pert to “too small” for some programs “too small”, because most of the audience will “rationalized” because most of audience will on digital broadcasting.He did not say which networks or programs would rationalized. “I think ABC has done a great job over 90 years and has developed over time … And it continues to be the most reliable media organization in the country,” Anderson said. “However, not only for ABC, but throughout market has passed overturning point.More people are optional than broadcast for broadcast and consume video through flow services, and it is similar to this sound. ” Anderson said that the rate of regularly 65 to 75 years of age is 65 %and will rise to 88 %in three years. However, the local radio, which is always the “backbone” of ABC, “will not change.” Anderson said that ABC radio networks have reached five million people every week and reached a million people who listened to the sound through a digital service, but increased listening to online. Anderson said that digital priority approach will be applied for commissioning, producing and distributing content, which means that programming will become less important for the traditional TV program. Until 1 July, company is going through a major restructuring process that will see abolition of separate regional radio department and lead to dismissal of management personnel.

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